Workshop Season

Each year the centre hosts work sessions led by individual practitioners and theatre companies. We strive to provide opportunities for artists to develop their practice, as leaders and participants, and engage with innovative approaches to making live performances. At Au Brana we endeavor to make all of the residencies as affordable as possible and places are limited to 15 participants per session in order to insure maximum contact with the leaders.

All accommodation is provided on-site and all meals are provided with produce sourced from the local farmer’s market, or groups can self cater. Please contact Oliviero at to be added to the workshop mailing list.


The 2019 season opens work opportunities across a mix of disciplines and approaches to contemporary practice. Au Brana will host a collection of top contemporary practitioners in theatre and dance, we are confident you will find lots to satisfy your creative curiosity and expand your professional experience. Full workshop outlines and application information can be found by following the links, here are the dates at a glance.

20th – 24th May

FABIAN WIXE; The Importance of Doing – Intensive training for dancers and physical performers

Fabian will be leading a 6 day workshop combining his extensive research and techniques of floor work, increasing one’s proprioception, and listening through improvisation. “I propose a week workshop mixing morning training with afternoons full of improvisations and composition, a work session in which you can learn new techniques and apply them immediately. I am looking for performers and dancers who wish to develop their skills and spend a week exploring their own physicality in relation to a group.”

For full details and how to apply, go to the OBRA website here

27th May – 16th June

EDIVALDO ERNESTO; Deep Movement 3 Week Intensive

‘This is an intense, dense group dynamic class for dancers. It is about energy, about constantly challenging your limits. This is to gain understanding of what defines you as a dancer and pushing those boundaries over and over again. Allowing the environment to influence your dancing skills, refining tools to create new movement qualities and new rhythms. Digging deeper inside the range of your own personal dance vocabulary, becoming anyone or anything. Working with partnering, multi- directional micro- narrative movement, and transforming as a whole group. Learning how to be  unpredictable, how to recycle energy and how to use the body as your primary tool. I guarantee a new process of study in which I go, as a teacher and guide, parallel to your learning process and make you take the step of digesting the work, to get to a completely new level. ‘

This workshop is limited to 15 participants. Edivaldo comes with the aim to go even deeper than is possible when working within a big group. He wants to leave more time and space to guide the dancers attentively, on a personal level enabling all to go further with the strength of energetic movement.

Successful applicants will need to cover their own travel expenses, arriving at Au Brana 27th May and departing 16th June. The nearest airports are Toulouse and Bordeaux. 
We will have one day off per week, making it in total 17 working days (85 hours led by Edivaldo). The accommodation will be in the dormitory and all the meals will be cooked for us ’sur place’ with good produce from the local markets.

Costs: €1900 in total. (Workshop €1135, 3 meals per day and accommodation €765.) To apply to the session please contact Fabian Wixe at;

Deadline for applications is 1st March, Edivaldo will then make the final selection of participants.

9th – 19th July

OBRA SUMMER RESIDENCY; led by Kate Papi and Oliviero Papi

OBRA theatre will be leading a 10 day intensive residential session for makers and performers from any discipline, led by company members Kate Papi, Oliviero Papi. An opportunity to plunge into their rigorous and innovative approach to theatre making, actor training and devising for performance, all focussed upon the relationship between the physical life of the performer and language. For full outline and applications go to the OBRA website here

5th – 10th August

OBRA – SHOW IN A WEEK; Workshop for Adolescents led by Kate Papi

This workshop for +14 yrs old artists, led by Kate Hannah Papi of OBRA theatre is a great chance for young makers to gain skills and experience in the devising process and techniques for theatre. In 1 week the participants devise, write and create a piece of theatre in residence at Au Brana. The final piece is performed for a public audience in the municipal theatre of Fleurance.  For more information follow link here

12th – 17th August

EILON MORRIS; Crossing the Grain – Counterpoints of Movement, Language and Music

Theatre practitioner, percussionist and OBRA company member Dr Eilon Morris will lead a week of training for performers. The work is accessible to artists from all backgrounds keen on developing their sensitivity, awareness and creativity through musicality in their work. For full details of Eilon’s session go to the OBRA website here


Dates for 2019 will be released in January

Each year Au Brana call out for applications by companies or individual artists who would like to use the centre’s facilities for FREE. Yes the ABCD gives you 9 days full access to the centre for no hire fee, including the studio, dormitory and kitchen. For all information and to fill in an application follow link here, ABCD

 MARION CASTAILLET Contemporary Dance

Marion is yet to confirm her dates for a work session in 2019

Intensive residency with dancer and choreographer Marion Castaillet, Brothafromanotha Mothercompany. We are very excited to have Marion twice in a calendar year, do not miss out on this chance to work with an artist of the highest quality. Full details to follow soon, but you can apply directly with Marion by writing to and have a look at Marion on facebook here